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News and Announcements

RSC October Meeting in Vienna 26 July 2023

Renate Behrens, RSC Chair, and James Hennelly, Director of ALA Digital Reference, are delighted to announce the acceptance of an invitation from Vienna to host the RSC Meeting in October 2023.

Now available: agenda for July 2023 RSC Meeting 8 July 2023

Published today: the agenda for the July Meeting of the RSC.

Proposals on Religious Titles and on Preferred names and official languages of corporate bodies, governments, and places in RDA 30 June 2023

The RDA Steering Committee (RSC) is delighted to have received the first proposals from its Religions in RDA Working Group and its Official Languages Working Group.

RSC/ReligionsWG/2023/1 - [Proposal on] Religious Titles "seeks to eliminate a set of options that are specific to certain religions" (Abstract, RSC/ReligionsWG/2023/1).

RDA Examples Working Group: Call for Interest 13 June 2023

Are you a cataloging instructor, trainer or author with experience in finding examples to show the way RDA guidelines can be applied? Would you like to meet with others working to educate the cataloging community? Would you be willing to contribute some of your examples to the text of Official RDA?

May 2023 Meetings of the RDA Board and the RDA Steering Committee 29 May 2023

The RDA Board and the RDA Steering Committee met for the first time in person since 2019. Their meetings took place between 15-19 May at ALA Headquarters, Chicago.

Minutes are available for the first ever Joint Meeting of the RDA Board and the RSC, 16-17 May (RSC-RDABoard/Minutes/000-009) and for the RSC Meeting, 17-19 May (RSC/Minutes/373-392).

RSC Meeting October 2023: Host Institution Sought 26 May 2023

The RDA Steering Committee (RSC) welcomes invitations from institutions that may be interested in hosting its next in-person meeting. The RSC proposes to meet for 3-4 days during the period of 16-19 October 2023. The RSC comprises 13 people, but part of the RSC meeting will likely be open to observers; this provides interested parties the opportunity to see how RDA is built and how international consensus is reached. One of the days could be an outreach or training event for the local or regional community.

Countdown Clock for Original RDA Toolkit Set for May 2026 24 May 2023

As announced on the RDA Toolkit, The RDA Board in consultation with the Copyright Holders of RDA have determined that a hard date for the removal of the original RDA Toolkit website is needed. This determination was made against a backdrop of giving user communities plenty of time for planning in their transition to official RDA. The Board plans to begin a countdown clock in May 2026 (specific date still to be determined), with the removal of the original Toolkit taking place a year later—May 2027.

18 May 2023: Information for Observers (Joining Instructions) issued today 5 May 2023

We have today sent joining instructions to those registered for our public session on 18 May. If you have registered but not received instructions, please check your junk mail folder and, if necessary email to request a resend: our mailserver was down temporarily and it is possible that some mails were not received / delivered. If you have not registered yet and would like to, there is still time.

Now available: agenda and papers for May 2023 RSC Meetings 2 May 2023

The agenda and papers are available for the Joint Meeting of the RDA Board and the RSC and for the RSC Meeting in May.

Proposal on Jurisdictions, Governments, and Courts in RDA 24 April 2023

The RDA Steering Committee (RSC) is delighted to have received the first proposal from its Place/Jurisdiction Working Group.