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Countdown Clock for Original RDA Toolkit Set for May 2026

As announced on the RDA Toolkit, The RDA Board in consultation with the Copyright Holders of RDA have determined that a hard date for the removal of the original RDA Toolkit website is needed. This determination was made against a backdrop of giving user communities plenty of time for planning in their transition to official RDA. The Board plans to begin a countdown clock in May 2026 (specific date still to be determined), with the removal of the original Toolkit taking place a year later—May 2027. This plan was presented to the RDA Steering Committee last week, and the RSC fully supported this decision.

Removal of the Original RDA Toolkit means that the site will no longer be accessible via the Web. However, the pdf files of the RDA instructions and guidance will remain accessible through the Instruction Archive in the official RDA Toolkit. More details about the countdown clock will be shared as the information becomes available.