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Proposals on Religious Titles and on Preferred names and official languages of corporate bodies, governments, and places in RDA

The RDA Steering Committee (RSC) is delighted to have received the first proposals from its Religions in RDA Working Group and its Official Languages Working Group.

RSC/ReligionsWG/2023/1 - [Proposal on] Religious Titles "seeks to eliminate a set of options that are specific to certain religions" (Abstract, RSC/ReligionsWG/2023/1).

RSC/LanguagesWG/2023/1 - [Proposal on] Preferred Names and Official Languages of Corporate Bodies, Governments, and Places in RDA "recommend[s] deleting some conditions to give cataloging agencies more flexibility in applying the existing options around the language of the preferred name of a corporate body" and "support[s] keeping the concept of official languages for places, but recommend removing some redundancy in the text and also making some implicit conditions more explicit" (Abstract, RSC/LanguagesWG/2023/1).

As with all proposals, comments are sought from the RDA cataloging community. Ahava Cohen, Charlotte Christensen and Robert Maxwell have circulated the proposals within Europe, Oceania and North America respectively. If you are an RDA cataloger outside these three regions, our Widening Community Engagement Officer, Charlene Chou, will be happy to receive your comments. Contact details are available on our list of RSC members.