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Now available: agenda for July 2023 RSC Meeting

Published today: the agenda for the July Meeting of the RSC.

There will be a public session on Wednesday 2 August, which includes discussion of the Religions in RDA Working Group's proposal, RSC/ReligionsWG/2023/1 - Religious Titles and the Official Languages Working Group's proposal, RSC/LanguagesWG/2023/1 - Preferred names and official languages of corporate bodies, governments, and places in RDA. If you would like to be added to the list of online observers, please send an email with subject line RSC OBSERVERS' LIST to Anne Welsh, RSC Secretary, We will be sending out joining instructions later this week, and again for late registrants on 1 August 2023. A video / audio recording of the Zoom meeting will not be available. However, written minutes will be published as soon as possible after 2 August.