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Protocols and Liaisons between the RDA Steering Committee and Other Information Standards Groups

The RDA Steering Committee (RSC) establishes communication protocols with other information standards groups.

General purposes include
-- supporting communication and notification of decisions related to development of the separate standards
-- supporting the maintenance and development of functional interoperability between data created according to the different standards.

The protocols are light-weight to avoid significant impact on the current practices, priorities, workflows, data models, etc., of the groups. The protocols are supported by the use of shared documents (e.g., alignments, mappings) as appropriate.

The usual channel of communication between the two groups for each protocol is via the RSC Chair or an RSC member acting as a liaison. The current protocols and liaisons are listed below. A link is included for the Chair document establishing each protocol.

IFLA Bibliographic Conceptual Models Review Group (Liaison: Gordon Dunsire)

IFLA ISBD Review Group (Liaison: Renate Behrens)

IFLA Permanent UNIMARC Committee (Liaison: Gordon Dunsire)

IFLA PRESSoo Review Group (Liaision: Gordon Dunsire)

ISSN International Centre (Liaison: Gordon Dunsire)

Library of Congress Network Development and MARC Standards Office (Liaison: Gordon Dunsire)

Updated: 30 September 2020