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Join the RDA Steering Committee!

We are looking for someone with expertise in RDA and cataloging to take on the role of Wider Community Engagement Officer (WCEO) for a two-year term.

This role will provide valuable developmental experience in the international arena as well as the opportunity to be an integral part of the team responsible for developing RDA: Resource Description and Access.

Two key responsibilities of the position are to engage with and represent RDA users who are not accommodated easily through the regional committee structure, and to support existing communities’ use and development of the Community Resources section of RDA Toolkit. The full role description is included in the application form.

There will be a period of overlap with the incumbent to receive training as the WCEO-Elect. The successful candidate would work with the current WCEO, Ebe Kartus, from September-December 2021. The formal term would commence in January 2022 and end in December 2023. Reappointment to a second two-year term is a possibility.

The WCEO is a voting member of the RSC and is expected to attend quarterly asynchronous meetings, occasional conference calls, and the annual RSC in-person meeting.

While this role is unpaid, the RDA Fund will cover travel, accommodation, and subsistence expenses for the in-person meeting.

Because of fluctuating workloads it is impossible to estimate the time commitment required for this position. Many weeks may require only a few hours; during the quarterly asynchronous meetings, more time is needed. The annual in-person meeting (3-5 days) requires a full-time commitment.

The candidate must be fluent in English and have proficiency with original RDA. Familiarity with the official Toolkit, expert knowledge of the LRM, and an understanding of how RDA is optimized for linked open data implementations is also required. The ability to read, write, and speak a language other than English is desirable. Where applicable, a senior manager from your institution must sign off on the application form to confirm institutional support for this commitment.

Questions? Contact Linda Barnhart, RSC Secretary, at

To apply for this position, please submit the application form to by the close of business in your time zone on 09 July 2021.