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July News Items from RSC

Pop-Up Meeting with Specialist Cataloguing Communities

RSC was pleased to welcome U.S. representatives from the cartographic, audio visual, music, archives, and rare materials cataloguing communities, as well as observers from other specialist communities, attending a "pop-up" meeting on Monday, June 26 during the American Library Association Annual Meeting in Chicago. RSC thanks CC:DA for allowing the meeting to occupy a vacant conference slot at very short notice. The meeting, and associated documents, revealed a number of interesting suggestions for new elements to be added to RDA as well as improvements to the wording of instructions. RSC is also reaching out to the international specialist communities to gather their feedback. RSC will study the suggestions to see which might be possible to incorporate in the April 2018 release; others may be added in subsequent releases.

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August 2017 Release

The English language Toolkit is frozen as of the April 2017 release until one year after the release of the new Toolkit design in 2018. It has always been the plan to let the translators "catch up" with the English version via the August 2017 release. Some additional flexibility for translators and policy statement authors in reaching this goal has now been provided. The August release will proceed as scheduled, but special releases will be added in October and/or December to update any translations that were not ready in August. Policy statements related to translations may also be updated at these times. If translators prefer not to update a translation to the April 2017 release, they may skip ahead and focus exclusively on doing the 3R revisions. The drawback of this is that the translation on the current Toolkit site will be further out-of-date and remain so during the transition period when we have both the current Toolkit and the new redesigned toolkit active on the Web simultaneously.

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RDA Reference

Translations of labels, definitions, and scope notes of RDA elements and vocabularies continue to be added to the RDA Registry. Data for full translations of RDA Toolkit will be used in the forthcoming releases, but there are many more RDA Reference languages that appear in RIMMF but not the Toolkit. Languages of recent additions and updates include Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Greek, German, Norwegian, Swedish, and Vietnamese.

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New on the RSC Website

Presentations area, which provides access to selected presentations related to RDA and created in liaison with the RSC or RDA Board. Presentations made at ALA Annual 2017 and other meetings have been posted.

A new area for RDA Regions has been created. The sub-area there for Europe contains a substantive amount of content from the European RDA Interest Group (EURIG).

Speeches and presentations given at the EURIG annual meeting 2017 include presentations by the RSC Chair.

Posted 25 July 2017