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News and Announcements

RSC Meeting Calendar for 2022 14 March 2022

The quarterly meeting schedule for the RDA Steering Committee for 2022 is shown below. The meetings are held asynchronously using Basecamp software. Agendas and supporting materials are posted on the RSC website three weeks before the meeting begins. Minutes are posted on the RSC website following the meeting.

24-27 January 2022
11-14 April 2022
11-14 July 2022
18-27 October 2022*

*Whether this will be an in-person meeting or a virtual meeting has not yet been determined.

RSC Secretary position available 2 March 2022

The RDA Steering Committee (RSC) is seeking a qualified library professional to fill the role of RSC Secretary.

The RSC Secretary provides administrative support to the international RDA Steering Committee (RSC), creates and preserves the official records and reports of the RSC, and serves as the primary content management system editor of RDA.

New on the RSC website 10 February 2022

Several documents, some quite substantive, have been posted recently on the RSC website:

Agenda for the January 2022 RSC Asynchronous Meeting available 31 December 2021

The agenda for the 24-27 January RSC asynchronous meeting has been posted.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to accommodate observers at RSC asynchronous meetings due to software constraints.

Because this meeting is entirely in Executive Session, there will be no public minutes to follow.

Appointment of Renate Behrens as RSC Chair-Elect 3 December 2021

The RDA Steering Committee is very pleased to announce that Renate Behrens is the new Chair-Elect.

The RDA Board, which unanimously ratified the recommendation of the search committee, and the RSC are especially pleased to welcome the first non Anglo-American to RSC leadership.

New Documents Posted 19 November 2021

Four documents, some quite substantive, have been posted recently on the RSC website:

RSC Chair-Elect recruitment underway 8 October 2021

The RSC has opened the application process for the next chair of the RDA Steering Committee; applicants must either be current members of the RSC or one of its working groups. The application deadline is 29 October 2021. The goal is to both identify the Chair-Elect and obtain the RDA Board's ratification by early December.

The Chair-Elect will serve for approximately thirteen months and transition to the role of Chair at the end of 2022. The four year term as Chair will conclude at the end of 2026, with a final year of service as Past Chair in 2027.

RSC Working Groups being formed 5 October 2021

The RDA Steering Committee (RSC) is in the process of creating four new Working Groups to support the improvement of the RDA standard and invites expressions of interest to join these groups from those who have expertise.

Each Working Group will be active in 2022 and 2023 as a two-year, task-and-finish assignment. Each Working Group is intended to have international membership.

RSC website migration October 1 24 September 2021

This, the web presence of the RDA Steering Committee and RDA Board--and, home to RDA news and information on subscribing to and translating RDA Toolkit as well as the free trial sign up form, will migrate to a new server on October 1, 2021. This means that these sites will be down and inaccessible for a 4-6 hours that day.

Agenda for October 2021 RSC meeting available 17 September 2021

13 October 2021: The final agenda is now available. There were no substantive changes from the draft agenda.

= = = = =

The draft agenda for the October 2021 RDA Steering Committee (RSC) meeting is now available. The final version of the agenda will be published just before the meeting begins, but the agenda is not expected to substantively change.