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2016 Approved RDA Proposals

The final versions of the proposals approved by the RDA Steering Committee during and after the November 2016 meeting have been posted on this website. Access to these "Sec final" documents is available via the new documents page (

The changes in RDA will not be in effect until they appear in the April 2017 Update of RDA Toolkit.

If you're interested in which instructions are affected by the approved proposals, a table is available for your use. It lists the new, revised, and deleted instructions and indicates where changes were made (in the instructions, examples, and/or references). It also includes the document number; if you want to read the background and justification for the changes, consult that document series in the appropriate community section of the Documents page (

Due to the 3R Project, there will be no further changes to RDA after the April 2017 update until April 2018.

Posted: 6 March 2017