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RSC Presentations 2022

Presentation Date Presentation Title Presenter Sponsor/Venue Notes Posted Date
25 April 2022 Connecting with educators Elisa Sze NARDAC Update Forum Video of this presentation begins at 7:50 27 April 2022
25 April 2022 Cataloging Using Official RDA : RDA, How to Use It with Documentation Robert Maxwell and Melanie Polutta NARDAC Update Forum Video of this presentation: Polutta presentation begins at 49:20. Maxwell presentation begins at 1:16:35 26 April 2022
18 March 2022 RDA Updates, March 2021-March 2022 Charlene Chou Council on East Asian Libraries Annual Meeting, Committee on Technical Processing 21 March 2022
03 March 2022 Application Profiles: A Deeper Dive (and how not to drown) Melissa Parent RDA Toolkit webinar Video of this presentation 08 March 2022
03 February 2022 Getting a handle on concepts and jargon in the new RDA Elisa Sze Ontario Library Association Super Conference 2022 (online) Slides with transcript;
Video of this presentation with captions
Prepared with the assistance of Thomas Brenndorfer
07 February 2022
22 January 2022 Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité: community übergreifende Diskussion zur Entität "Werk" und "Ereignis" Renate Behrens Forum Performing Arts (online) 14 February 2022