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RSC Meeting in October 2020

The in-person meeting of the RDA Steering Committee planned for October 2020 at the National Library of Israel has been shifted to a virtual meeting format due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The RSC thanks the National Library for their invitation and looks forward to holding our annual in-person meeting in Jerusalem at some point in the future.

The RSC’s October meeting has been transformed into a two-week virtual meeting (12-15 October and 20-23 October), which will use a mix of asynchronous and video meeting styles. Four video calls will be scheduled during these two weeks for interactive discussions. These four video calls will be staggered across time zones so that members from all regions share the joy of a middle-of-the-night call.

Observers are welcome to attend the public portions of the video calls. The agenda items for these calls, as well as the specific dates and times, will be published on the RSC website in mid-September. Observers will be asked to register with the RSC Secretary, and space will be limited. As usual, the RSC does not plan to publish the recordings of its in-person meetings, which are captured for the purpose of creating accurate minutes.

Agendas for the asynchronous meetings likewise will be published on the RSC website in mid-September. It is not possible to have observers at an asynchronous meeting due to software constraints. Information about the discussion and decisions arising from this meeting will be available in due course from the Outcomes document and the Minutes.