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EURIG-JSC seminar on RDA

RDA in Europe: making it happen! EURIG-JSC seminar on RDA

A seminar organized by EURIG and the Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA (JSC) was held at The Royal Library, Copenhagen, Denmark, on 8th August 2010.


Presentations are in PDF and/or PPS.
RDA in BNE / Mar Hernández Agustí [PDF] [PPS]
RDA future development: governance, participation and future change / Caroline Brazier [PDF] [PPS]
A long and winding road: RDA from principles to practice / Alan Danskin [PDF] [PPS]
German translation issues / Christine Frodl [PDF] [PPS]
Germany on track for international standards: RDA / Renate Gömpel [PPS]
RDA in Finland / Tuula Haapamäki [PDF] [PPS]
French libraries moving to RDA? Key issues / Françoise Leresche & Françoise Bourdon [PPS]
RDA in Europe: making it happen : summary of presentations by European countries on plans for moving to RDA [PDF] [PPS]
Translating RDA / Margaret Stewart [PDF] [PPS]
RDA and plans: Australia, Canada, UK, & US / Barbara B. Tillett [PDF] [PPS]
The US RDA test / Beacher Wiggins [PDF] [PPS]